Welcome to Long Island

Long Island is also one of the beautiful Island in the northern part of Andaman Islands. Its approx 180 Km by road from Port Blair.

Only a 6-8 feet wide concrete footpath connects different parts of the ‘Panchayat’ area starting from the jetty. Tall trees make pleasant avenue astride the footpath leading to Government School and to Police Outpost area. Islanders cover these footpath kilometers several times just to reach work place, school, Range Forest Office and temple.

Getting around is limited to the village near the Jetty, a walk on the beach or a trek to Lalaji Bay. Only a few motorised vehicles circulate so you’ll have to use your feet like everyone does here. A walk with luggages from the Jetty to the resort can be long, but you may ask for a ride if you see a motorcycle.

Travel Time : Port Blair to Rangat @ 5 Hrs + Rangat to Yaratta @ 20 Mins + Yaratta to Long Island @ 1 Hrs

How to get here

We will drive and reach Rangat by road, there is a government boat from Yaratta Jetty every morning and evening. The boat maps itself around one hour to reach the jetty at Long Island.

Yaratta has one of Andaman’s Mangrove interpretation centre. Climb the tower to view the wide spread of mangrove nursery.

Lalaji Bay Beach

Lalaji Bay beach is a beautiful, sandy beach on the west coast of Long Island. One has to take a boat from Rangat jetty to reach here / or by tracking 45 minutes. The boat ride is quite comfortable and takes around 45 mins. The boat cruises through Mangrove creek thus providing equally scenic views around. The beach has a long, sprawling white sandy beach with clear water. One can easily bask in the sun or get immersed in the clean water to give a treat to mind and body.

A varied and rewarding trek exists through the main village, plantations, fields, regenerated forest and primary rainforest on Long island for those travelers who wish to explore. This is a 6 km trail starting at the jetty and ending at Lalaji Bay. Another small trail runs north from Lalaji Bay, leading to a secluded cove with calm water, some regenerating coral and a white sandy beach. It is perfect for those who want to snorkel or sunbathe in complete privacy.

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    Skeleton Itinerary for Long Islands

    Day 01 : Port Blair

    Day 02: Long Island

    Day 03: Long Island

    Day 04: Havelock Island

    Day 05: Havelock Island

    Day 06: Neil Island

    Day 07: Port Blair

    Day 08: Port Blair

    Day 09: Dep.

    Recommended for Nature and Adventure lovers.

    No luxury (Hotels / Lounge / Etc)

    Lalaji Bay by Tracking only, as noat to the beach is not operational due to Govt. restrictions.

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