Welcome to Interview Island

Interview Island is an island of the Andaman Islands. It belongs to the North and Middle Andaman administrative district, part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the island is lying 125 km north from Port Blair.

The island belongs to the Interview Group and is situated to the west of Austen Strait which separates North Andaman Island and Middle Andaman Island. It has an area of 101 km2 The island is low at its N end, but rises gradually to a height of 113m. The highest part of the island is a wooded plateau. A rocky pinnacle, 7m high, lies close off a cliff on the S end of the island. Foul ground extends about 2 miles NNE from the island.

The island was opened to tourists in the year 1997, it is entirely abandoned. Just a few forest wardens, policemen and coast guards are posted here in order to keep poachers at a safe distance.

The Island has about 80-90 feral elephants which were brought for forestry works by british timber company, and still remain on this island.

The Island has numerous fresh water sources. On the Western coast of the Island, there is a cave below a hill that gives out fresh water. A thick stream of fresh water erupts from the cave. The numerous sources of fresh water that this Island has make it no less than a wonder.  Only day visit is permitted.

Travel Time : Port Blair to Mayabunder @ 7 Hrs + Mayabunder to Interview Island @ 3 hrs by boat.

How to get here

We will drive and reach Mayabunder by road, Next day or so board a small boat to Interview Island, the dongi (wooden traditional boat) routes us through the thick mangrooves.

It is a perfect destination for sun basking

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    Skeleton Itinerary

    Day 01 : Port Blair

    Day 02: Mayadunder

    Day 03: Interview Islands + Stay at Mayabunder

    Day 04: Ross n Smith Islands at Diglipur

    Day 05: Stay at Diglipur

    Day 06: Port Blair

    Day 07: Havelock Island

    Day 08: Port Blair

    Day 09: Dep.

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