Welcome to Avis Island

Avis Island has a small but creamy beach. The water is very calm, placid and clear. So much so that one can easily see fish frolicking in the water and little corals if one walk a bit into the sea.
The tall, thick coconut trees provide shade which saves you from scorching heat, Going there early in the morning is always a good idea as the weather supports your trip and normally in the morning hrs its high tide. Avis Island is not open for tourists generally, To visit the Avis Island, one has to take prior permission from the local authorities, and yes if you are planning to vist just let us know, we are always ready to manage the backend process.

Travel Time : Port Blair to Mayabunder @ 7 Hrs + Mayabunder to Avis Islands @ 20 Mins by boat.

How to get here

We will drive and reach Mayabunder by road, Next day or so board a small boat to Avis, as its amazing to be there at Avis Island during morning hrs.

It is a perfect destination for basking in the sun and just sitting in the sea water

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    Skeleton Itinerary

    Day 01 : Port Blair

    Day 02: Mayadunder

    Day 03: Avis Islands + Stay at Mayabunder

    Day 04: Ross n Smith Islands at Diglipur

    Day 05: Stay at Diglipur

    Day 06: Port Blair

    Day 07: Havelock Island

    Day 08: Port Blair

    Day 09: Dep.

    Recommended for Nature and Adventure lovers.

    No luxury (Hotels / Lounge / Etc.)

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